Remember, New York is doing it right.  Florida is doing it wrong, very wrong….very, very wrong.

Who doesn’t have China’s dick in their ass?

Speaking of China dick.  instead of “Buy American”, how about create a more open and competitive market to undercut pricing on shitty Chinese goods.  Might work better than mandating everything cost twice as much because you have to price in the union smoke break.

Not that I’m totally against the union smoke break, its an opportunity for niche work.  Except teachers unions, fuck them.

I don’t know what’s geting everyones knickers in a twist about this broad.  I like her.  She’s got spunk.  She can get even more spunk working for me.

Hunter Baden is the smartest man I know in an intellectual capacity,”. Good greif, we’re fucked.

C’mon, that is clearly an editorial!

Finally, Krugabe says this isn’t 2008

No really, its not 2008 professor shitbag?  This guy needs a gold bar-shaped, bleeding head wound before he figures it out. We just pulled trillions of dollars out of Keynes’ butthole for a decade and then stopped working for a year over something with a 99% survival rate.   Lets create more dollars we can use as toilet paper—because that might actually be more useful for trade. Then what hits ya?  Household balance sheets?  From the right wing nut-jobs at NBC:

The number of Americans living in poverty grew by 8 million since May, according to a Columbia University study, which found an increase in poverty rates after early coronavirus relief ended without more to follow.

What planet are you living on?