Wherever you are in the USA, it’s lighter later and longer, the weather is warming up, and spring is in the air.  Time to shake off the winter blues and set some goals.   So Glibfitters, here is your opportunity to put your three month fitness goal in writing.  We will all report in the last week of June.

Passover started last night and I’m taking it as opportunity to reset.  My weight has been largely trending down over the past year but largely is the operative word.  I got so close to my intermediate goal of getting down to 170 but then slacked off.  My state’s stupid lockdown and some personal stuff definitely created a problem.  But in the final analysis, I took my eye off the ball and allowed my weight to very slowly drift upward.  

So here it is in writing.  My goal is to weigh 170 or less by June 27th.

Put your goal(s) in the comments.  It can be anything fitness related i.e. weight, length of workout, amount lifted, distance run, numbers of days per week with a workout, etc.  Pick whatever is important to you.


California’s 7day Covid case rate is now 5% of what is was at the peak.  Our numbers are back to where they were at the beginning of June 2020.  This thing is over.  I know Newsom & Co. will keep milking this thing.  I just can’t figure out how.

You probably knew what this week’s music choice would be.