Happy Easter goyim! I don’t imagine you are getting any exercise today unless you are hunting for Easter eggs.  And no, shoveling jellybeans into your mouth does not count as exercise.

Today is the last day of Passover.  Thank you Jesus.  I miss bread and beer and veggie burgers and…. Most of you bastards are going to make short work of a defenseless piggie today. So, I suppose the only thing it makes sense to discuss is food.

Let’s pretend it’s a normal day.  You aren’t on a diet.  You aren’t trying to lose weight.  You have hit your goal weight and you are maintaining it.  Alternatively, life isn’t perfect and you are just doing your best to avoid putting on the pounds.  What is your eating strategy?

My strategy is straightforward.  I just avoid the obvious problems.  Soda is out.  Cookies and sweets are right out.  After dinner I make sure to eat some fruit, so I have had something sweet.  As soon as I’m done, I brush my teeth.  Once that’s done, I have capped the day and I’m not putting anything else into my maw.


I know this crowd won’t be deterred from being with family due to Covid.  Your family members may have different thoughts, of course.  More than a few of you have shared your stories of family members who are trying to hermetically seal themselves off from the world.  If that’s your situation, you have my condolences.

Can someone make sense of Rochelle Walensky for me?  Is she schizophrenic?  Is the Biden administration kneecapping her?  I can’t remember another agency head, in any administration, who publicly contradicts themselves/their agency on such a regular basis.

I tried to find a rock song about Easter but struck out. Is there no enterprising member of my tribe willing to capitalize on this market failure?  I’m looking at you Scott Ian, David Lee Roth, Perry Farrell, and Geddy Lee.  Are Hunt and Tony Sales so busy since the demise of Tin Machine?  Gene Simmons couldn’t find a few shekels to make off this holiday? For goodnesssake, Neil Diamond couldn’t push something out like he has for every other event? *sigh* Here is this week’s music choice.  I did my best.