Driving back toward the top four

I hope y’all enjoyed your holiday weekend. I know I did. Especially after watching Liverpool completely dismantle Arsenal. And after watching Chelsea shit the bed against West Brom and Spuds draw Newcastle, I was practically giddy.  Meanwhile, on this side of the pond, Baylor and Gonzaga will face off tonight for the NCAA basketball crown. I doubt it will be as entertaining as there Gonzaga-UCLA game was.  I doubt many basketball games could be. That game was a treat to watch.Jordan Speech appears to have his game figured out headed into Masters week. WHich, based on the last several years, means he may or may not have his game figured out.  And MLB is off and running, in case nobody noticed. With fans, no less! And that’s sports.

Thanks to the guy who brought us this.

Philosopher Thomas Hobbes was born on this day. He shares it with education pioneer Booker T. Washington, actor Spencer Tracy, actress Bette Davis, film producer Albert Broccoli, actor Gregory Peck, director Roger Corman, retired general Colin Powell, infielder Ron Hansen, scumbag politician Peter King, wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, baseball player Cris Carpenter, person in music Pharrell Williams, and that’s pretty much all I could come up with.  Kinda slim with the pickings today.  Oh well, time to move on to…the links!

Yeah, we’re not buying your bullshit like this anymore. Go sell that doomsday crap to someone who hasn’t been keeping track of how many times you’ve done it before and been wrong.

I get that you’re sad, but this is your job.

Uh, does this union know what its job is? Like, you are literally the security there. That’s the job you signed up for, you stupid asshole. Also, nice way to lump in the Jan 6 protests, where your officers held doors open for a lot of the people there, with some deranged asshole plowing a car into someone.

This reads like a real estate sales pitch...for pretty much any other city or state on the east coast.  I mean, they’re directly taxing over half of what these people make, when coupled with federal taxes and all the other shit people are forced to pay.  That’s completely fucking insane.

Not true and not legally-binding.

“Have it your way” is not a legally binding agreement, lady. The bigger question is this: why would anybody ever voluntarily eat at BK? It’s easily the worst fast food on the planet. And their service is literally worse than their horrible food.

“Trust us, it’ll work this time!” No it won’t. Because these government programs never work. Ever.

But the traditional troubles of public housing took hold — lousy maintenance and tenant screening among them. Units were boarded up in later years, and there never was an effort to connect it to the surrounding middle-class blocks.

Never an effort to connect them to surrounding blocks? Motherfucker, they’re literally connected by every single street that runs through them.  No, here’s why these projects always fail: because people generally treat free shit worse than shit they own.

Shouldn’t he have had a katana? Just kidding. He should have had a gun and shot the assholes.

Well, duh! People like him usually go back to the same grift once they realize getting a real job and being productive is hard work.

Here’s a great song. And no, it’s not a remix. Enjoy it!

Now get out there and have a great day, friends!