Hi all,

This week makes ten years since I moved from the harsh scrublands of Texas to the temperate woodlands of upstate NY.  I still like snow (and chipmunks).

The week starts off with the same Mars-Jupiter buzzkill that’s been hanging on and with continuing MERCURY RETROGRADE.  But shit doesn’t start to really hit the fan until Thursday.  On that day, we get Saturn retrograde – Sol – Venus (in Gemini), the most precise meaning of which is “meeting the person who winds up destroying your love,” so if your significant other introduces you to someone new, get the separate bank account set up and set side a few bucks for the PI.  Just to make that day super shitty, we will also see a four-planet alignment bringing the two most fuckdoodly signs (the new moon and MERCURY RETROGRADE) between the sun and the earth, so please PLEASE don’t do anything foolish (like attack the new person your SO just introduced you to).  At least not until Saturday.  This strife alignment will break up by Friday, but MERCURY RETROGRADE is still in a position to play havoc with your domestic life until at least the 15th.

Mixed signals otherwise — betrayal (MERCURY RETROGRADE in Gemini) drought (Saturn retrograde in Aquarius) but also a great time to hunker down at home with someone you love (Mars and Venus in Cancer).


Gemini:  Queen of Cups reversed -Distinguished woman but one not to be trusted; perverse woman; vice, dishonour, depravity.

Cancer:  The High Priestess reversed – Passion, moral or physical ardour, conceit, surface knowledge.

Leo:  Page of Wands reversed – Anecdotes, announcements, evil news. Also indecision and the instability which accompanies it.

Virgo:  The Devil – Ravage, violence, vehemence, extraordinary efforts, force, fatality

Libra:  Queen of Swords reversed – Malice, bigotry, artifice, prudery, bale, deceit.

Scorpio:  The Hanged Man reversed – Selfishness, the crowd, body politic.

Sagittarius:  6 of Swords – Journey by water, route, way, envoy, commissionary, expedient

Capricorn:  Judgement – Change of position, renewal, outcome

Aquarius:  4 of Wands – Country life, haven of refuge,repose, concord, harmony, prosperity, peace

Pisces: 9 of Coins – Prudence, safety, success, accomplishment, certitude, discernment.

Aries:  3 of Wands – Strength, enterprise, effort, trade, commerce, discovery, able co-operation in business

Taurus:  Page of Cups reversed – Taste, inclination, attachment, seduction, deception, artifice.