Not representative of the fans in Denver, sadly.

Mexico’s soccer fans acted like they always act, but this time their team lost to the USA. The Clippers beat the Mavericks and now run Los Angeles. Jon Rahm got screwed out of a million bucks by the PGA. Serena got her ass kicked at Roland Garros. Federer pulled a punk move by withdrawing the way he did. The league needs to come down hard on these cheaters. And the Reds swept the Cardinals. I’m sure there’s a lot more, but that’s what I came up with for sports.

Best post-game interview ever.

English dandy Beau Brummel was born on this day. He shares it with pioneer in mass child abuse Susan Blow, artist Paul Gaugin, marathon legend Clarence DeMar, actress Jessica Tandy, crooner Dean Martin, pitcher/announcer Herb Score, sportswriter Bert Sugar, Libyan politician (who shouldn’t have given up his WMDs) Muammar Gaddafi (or one of the other myriad spellings), catcher Thurman Munson, actor Liam Neeson, musical genius Prince Rogers Nelson, idiot Mike Pence, rocker Gordon Gano, hockey great Mike Modano, adventurer Bear Grylls, overachieving basketball player Allen Iverson, tennis player Anna Kournikova, and Canadian person Michael Cera.

Not a bad list. And now on to…the links!

(Photo cropped to not show his giant balls)

The last of a group of brave men passes away. God bless him and all the others that fought to end that mass murder. He appears to have gone on and lived a very full life afterward as well. And he deserved it.

California does something well! Unfortunately, it was still a waste of taxpayer dollars. Also, they will probably not compete next year, as they won’t have any tap water.

Some good news. At least he’s not a complete idiot, as he’s apparently read the constitution’s section on who runs elections. Sorry to all the progressives, whose heads are exploding. You should push him until he leaves the party. That’ll show him!

This man should be in a prison jumpsuit.

And even more good news! How this guy hasn’t been forced out already is a complete mystery.

“Inciting”. I don’t think he thinks it means what it actually means. Also, they’ll know exactly how long to ban him based on whether he decides to run for a House seat or not. Because silencing him politically is the real goal.

This guy gets it! Although I wouldn’t exactly call him a former NBA star. “Former player” would suffice. Anyway, let’s hope he gets known more for this than his playing career.

Los Angeles government finally getting around to solving the big problems. Sorry, they’re not doing anything about the gazillion homeless in the city, but are gonna fine people for feeding peacocks. Why? Because it’s Los Angeles County, that’s why.

Allen West is out as Texas GOP head. Which undoubtedly means he’s running for statewide office.

A song for little Lilibet. I hope you enjoy it even if she doesn’t.

Now get out there and have a great day, friends!