Damn, those Wops can play.

Italy are starting to look like Euro favorites. The Welsh are looking good to advance. The Clippers won because the league wants a team from LA to advance. and Montreal knotted their series with Vegas…because Montreal and Vegas are inexplicably playing each other in the postseason before the finals.  And that’s sports.


Sociopathic king Edward I was born on this day. He shares it with baseball pioneer Pete Browning, civil rights leader James Weldon Johnson, Canadian boxer Tommy Burns, composer Igor Stravinsky, pioneer in plastic surgery Harold Gillies, Nazi sociopath Martin Bormann, artist M.C. Escher, chocolate chip cookie inventor Ruth Wakefield, actor Ralph Bellamy, libertarian writer Harry Browne, adulterer and politician Newt Gingrich, musician Barry Manilow, cyclist Eddie Merckx, funk pioneer George Clinton, hockey player/coach Mike Milbury, actor Jason Patric, and tennis great Venus Williams.

That was a diverse list. Now on to…the links!

Let’s hope this starts a trend. Although I wouldn’t exactly call it a blue state.

An exhibitionist, a potato, and a grifter walk into a bar…

So does this end his presidential aspirations? I guess we’ll have to wait on the human potato Brian Stelter to weigh in before we’ll know.

Thanks a lot, Trump! I’m sure he’ll somehow be blamed.  I just hope all the abuelas are ok.

This woman is a sociopath. LOL, I’m just kidding. She’s actually a psychopath.

Adios, lovelies!

Well, they got woke. But will they go broke? I’m sure if they do, it’ll be because of the patriarchy and discrimination.

That’ll fix it! Because it had to be the leader and not letter carriers who don’t give a shit and can’t be held accountable under employment guidelines, right? Yeah, sure.

I’m glad they’re putting away these arch-criminals. They face 25 years in prison…you know, because that makes sense.

Hooray!!!! Hopefully this will scare off potential new residents from shitholes where the right to self defense isn’t a thing.

I went deep in the vault for this one. Hope you enjoy it. (I know a couple of you will be happy as hell at least.)

Now get out there and have a great day, dear friends!