Howdy, howdy. Bringing you guys links of the lowest common denominator and the on-going high-class problems shitshow of my current existence. What is a high-class problems shitshow? We moved to a short term rental last Wednesday to get our floors redone upstairs, but the flooring ended up backordered, so I have to move back into my house but can’t use the upstairs Saturday. Yesterday, at the rental, a hanging plate glass shower door fell and shattered with minor cuts to my wife and son — picture this: I’m feeding the baby, I hear a huge crash from the bathroom, I run in (luckily wearing shoes) and Mrs. L and the middle boy are huddled in the shower with an ocean of glass fragments between us and son starting to drip blood from his hands. I go find somewhere safe to put the baby, grab shoes for the wife, pick up the son, baby screaming because he’s been put down on the floor and left alone. It was pretty intense for a minute. Luckily, the net result was a couple of cuts which looked kind of nasty but were actually pretty shallow. Oh, and Mrs. L goes in for a hip replacement Monday, so she’s already gimpy and grumpy and in a lot of pain. Its a complete shitshow each and every individual moment, but its high-class, because (with the exception of the actual surgery) the problems are not life-and-death or even we go broke and live on the street if it all goes worse case. But once we’re on the other side of the floors and moving around and Mrs. L is recovered, there’s gonna be a week where I don’t do shit.

Now… the Links!

How sad is it that the Coalition of the Crazy is a voice of sanity in Congress? MGT and Matt Gaetz, a winning combination.

On the one hand, I think “terrorism” is overused by the government. On the other hand, if you turn state’s witness to escape felony prosecution, you may not be fit for a position in government that requires Congressional approval.

A poorly formulated challenge to Obamacare gets shot down. When Thomas is telling you you f’d up the standing, you probably are a minor or f’d up the standing argument.

Fuck you, weather!

…and this is why New Jersey is the best state to live in! I wasn’t even aware Mr. Floyd had a connection to Newark.