What follows is a brief glimpse into the abyss, otherwise known as a selection of my web history; Granted pretty sure I can’t compete with this crowd for the abyssal nature of browser history. Work links have been filtered as has redtube.com – you don’t need to see those filters (hint: Kamala, Midgets, Latex, Barrels of Lube).

Recent purchase of hunting rifle optics led me down a rabbit hole of optics, mostly on Vortex and Leupold. Ended up with this little fella. Yes I’m a cheap bastard.

Spending a lot of time at Landwatch (and Zillow). filterList = {“size”:>=10, “HOA”:FUCKNO, “CC&Rs”:”MINIMAL”, “state”:[“Arizona”, “South Dakota”, “Idaho”],  “wish”:”Florida wasn’t so… Florida”}.  BTW, “FUCKNO” is new quantum boolean type that’s just even more FALSE than FALSE.

I finally broke down and started getting Rogan off Spotify. While full episodes were appearing on YouTube intermittently, that seems to have been cut off pretty efficiently now. Plus I’m trying to stay off of YouTube as much as possible, preferring Odysee if the content is available. Signed up with a fake, temp email. Since Spotify doesn’t support VPN connections, I basically stream on separate audio device (muted) and capture with  Audacity to listen to later. No video, audio only.

I spend some time on Odysee, especially Bret Weinstein. Dark Horse podcast is in regular rotation. Recent one offs include Kory  and Malone + Kirsch, both of which were banned on YouTube.  JBP, MP, Tom Woods among others also make regular appearance.

There are things I still “need” to use YouTube for. Been watching the Tour de France highlights. US Olympic swimming trials. The highlights and races are about perfect, you can avoid all useless interviews, Rowdy Gaines hysterics, and the sheer stupidity of jersey presentations with masks. It would be nice to see the full coverage of some of the longer climbs in the Tour and such, but c’est la vie.

Also on Youtube, the Metabolic Classroom with Bikman. Various other Keto/Carnivore/politics of nutrition stuff as well.

I’ve also read through Covid Care as well. Just reading, haven’t looked into online prescriptions or anything. Honestly not too worried even if I get it, but maybe have Iver on the shelf just in case.

And finally, have this running in the background.  Less so recently as it hasn’t been as dramatic as the past.  And man, Iceland sure is cloudy and rainy sometimes.