No camping

Its either random announcers shouting or my gunshots from my son playing Fortnite in my house at the moment.  Soon it will be back to school and I can attempt to be productive.

Maybe not…Here’s an olympic highlight reel.  Relax this Twatter link won’t make you a Communist.


Now for some real links!

Black Mexican politician dies of Covid.  I could just stop here.

If this were a bribe it would be a lot more than US$7500.

Here’s one for you crypto-anarchists.

YouTube bans Bolsonaro videos.

Molotov cocktails thrown at the Cuban Embassy in Paris.  Clearly its America’s fault.

In his tweet, [Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez] put the blame on Washington.

“I hold the U.S. Government responsible for its continuous campaigns against our country that encourage these behaviors and for calls for violence, with impunity, from its territory,” he said.

You’ll have better luck blaming Trump.

Yay! More expensive coffee!

Yes, these Mongols are rocking out.