Shit, Biłes is hurt.

If only the Aussies could have gotten a single goal. They could have saved us from the inevitable smugness that’s coming from the USWNT. Gird your loins, boys. It’s coming. Hey, a swimmer from Alaska won a gold medal.  It looks like the Packers are gonna pay Aaron Rodgers enough to make him believe they care. Nobody on the Dodgers wants Trevor Bauer back.  And now Oklahoma State is acting like aTm, and is bitching about their own big brother.  BREAKING: Simone Biles is hurt. And that’s sports.

Triple H

Milanese duke Ludovico Sforza was born on this day. He shares it with baseball player Joe Tinker, Physicist/organic chemist Hans Fischer, shortstop Leo Durocher, jazzman Skippy Williams, TV writer Norman Lear, actor Jerry Van Dyke, nerd hero Gary Gygax, cricket legend Allan Border, comedian Bill Engvall, football coach Ed Orgeron, wrestler Triple H, and golfer Jordan Spieth.

Righty right, now on to…the links!

Like hell on earth, apparently.

You could always just quit. I’m sure there’s plenty of places you could go work that don’t defend themselves vigorously when they feel like they’ve been wrongfully attacked.  They won’t last long, but you’re free to go anyway.

Nice cherry-picking. You’ll note they didn’t get much from the myriad teachers who did their job all last year in districts that better understand the (minimal at most) risk to kids the more deadly original strain posed.  Also, where’s the deaths if this delta thing is so freaking terrifying? Are we waiting two more weeks again?

A massive explosion at a German chemical plant causes massive destruction. As a resident of the Houston area, I know what that can be like.

“I never lie,” he lies.

Politician lies when asked if he tells the truth. I still can’t believe this slimy fuck hasn’t been thrown out of office yet.

Maybe more gun control s the answer. Lol, I bet that’s what she comes up with after this. Because she’s a fucking imbecile.

The union wins. The politicians win. The taxpayers and citizens take it in the shorts. But don’t worry. It could have been worse, I guess.

Please don’t do this. You’re just gonna drive more people to Texas, Arizona, Montana and other sane places.

This is actually pretty funny. It illustrates both the ineptitude as well as uselessness of most government workers.  Enjoy!

Enjoy this. The organ is just awesome.

Now get out there and have a great day, friends!