Clients in my waiting room parlor were gathered around watching the home run derby last evening.  That was boring as hell.  They need to give these clowns more steroids.

A handful of states decided to rob you a little bit less.  Then they go in Fox and want to gloat about lowering taxes when some states have no income tax?  Thanks, but get fucked.

The process is the punishment.

This job market sucks, and we’re turning into Europe …except my business is still illegal.

…okay maybe we have a ways to go.

No, CNN did not blast Trump.  If anything they sense the ginger everyone wants to hate-fuck is easily tossed around like a old doily and made her look like the idiot she is.

You mean there are several ways to spin data to suit your agenda?  You don’t say?

and finally

First off, a bank that large is a hardly a capitalist institution since its market dominance is based on buying out smaller banks for decades.  Not to mention the number mortgage loans it buys are backed by federal guarantees, along with FDIC being funded by the taxpayer, you might even say JPM are a bunch of socialists.  But I digress.

Had this shit stain actually read the article he would know JPM is basing this on Google search data for the few days following states curtailing unemployment benefits. Which means even if this is true, the point he’s trying to make is based mostly on horseshit.  Don’t take my word for it, take Bloomberg’s.

“We do find an increase in Google searches for ‘unemployment’ in states ending benefits in the days after the announcement, suggesting increased attention to the issue,” wrote Peter McCrory and Jesse Edgerton at JPMorgan Chase & Co. “But we find little evidence for an increase in searches for ‘jobs’ that would indicate an increase in people actually looking for jobs.”