As I make plans to go semi-Galt, and detach myself from rooted existence, offices, and the East Coast, I find myself wondering what wonders there are to see out there as I wander the Land of the Free.

After 30+ years in Fortress DC, and having never been inured to the elitist bureaucratic Deep State bubble, I’m looking to find what is real about America for me. I feel like I’m escaping a cult of which I was never a member. Midwest-born and Vermont-raised, I feel an irresistible pull to my roots, such as they were. The summer Saturday nights hearing the distant drone of the stock cars at Catamount Speedway (who actually towed the lion at approx 01:20), the Olmsted County Fair, random snack bars, and Laura Ingalls Wilder.

As I (hopefully, slowly), make my way across the country, I’ve been looking for fun activities of local interest to experience along the way. Not national or international like the Gilroy Garlic Festival or Memphis in May, but those little local things enjoyed on a town or county or regional level.

So far, I have found two. I’m looking for many more. What quirky (non-hipster) local events or happenings do you enjoy? Are there any from your childhood that still exist? Can I bring and/or shoot my firearm? Give me your recommendations for a rollicking ‘Merican good time!

My itinerary so far:


Rockford, IL, Figure-8 Trailer Race

Cars and trucks pulling decrepit RV trailers from days of yore. As long as you’re towing something, you’re still in the race. In this video from summer of 2020, I see no (or few) face diapers. It looks like a drunken, hilarious, Jackass-style good time.


Duluth, MN, Canal Park

A picturesque park on Lake Superior. When the large lake vessels and foreign “salties” are scheduled to pass through the canal, large crowds gather to cheer them on. I love the narration from the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center when a ship of note arrives or departs. People can be seen waiting for the ships even at zero dark thirty or in heavy snow. (headphone warning – loud ship horns)


Your turn…