That’s one happy American!

The women’s national basketball team dominated. We’re doing pretty damn well in the track and field events. This chick is awesome. Philip Rivers is “staying ready” to come back if needed (he won’t be). And Dodgers fans make progress toward being decent human beings.  I say progress, because they’re still salty bitches. But hey, at least they didn’t hospitalize someone in the parking lot for wearing an orange shirt. Whatever, they won their World Series after last “season”. They need to get over it. That’s pretty much it for sports.

A pair of birthday dipshits

Big birthdays today are: romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, luggage-maker Louis Vuitton, Queen Elizabeth I (the Queen Mother), trumpeter/singer/actor Louis Armstrong, baseball player Wild Bill Hallahan, hockey legend Maurice “Rocket” Richard, casino operator and political big spender Sheldon Adelson, baseball player and manager Dallas Green, outfielder Clean Jones, actor Billy Bob Thornton, human punching bag Gerry Cooney, Ratt’s Robbin Crosby, president Barack Obama (aka, when necessary, Barry Soetoro)m, hurler Roger Clemens, A Flock Of Seagulls guitarist Paul Reynolds, political imbecile Lori Lightfoot, infielder BJ Surhoff, auto racing great Jeff Gordon, gold digger Meghan Markle, and Hollywood twins Cole and Dylan Sprouse.

Not a bad list, I suppose.  But anyway, on to…the links!

Work on that muzzle and trigger discipline next time, please. Otherwise, A+ work.

I’m working on finding better shit from CNN.  Hopefully you’ll all enjoy this. Because it’s not completely insane. In fact, it’s awesome.

We could learn something about freedom from…the British? Yes, that’s right. Those limey bastards are doing better than we are, what with all the fear-mongering and finger-pointing (except at the black and hispanic communities, where vaccine rates are the lowest–not that they should have fingers pointed at them, but I’m noting the hypocrisy from the left). Maybe, just maybe, this “variant” is simply much weaker and less of a threat. Yet the idiots in charge of our federal government are plowing into more bullshit lockdowns.

NBC News takes the mantle from CNN today. They couldn’t just make it about Cuomo, could they? Well, he’s freaking toast, IMO. And sadly, it’s not going to be for resigning a shitload of old people to their deaths.

Oh the humanity! I’m glad I got in before Dem leaders say it’s racist to expect black people to have ID or for them to know how to get to the DMV and get a (free) one.


Thanks a lot, Supreme Court. Yes, this is partly your fault for not killing it in the crib last month.  Newsflash: if something is unconstitutional, don’t let it continue just because “it’s about to expire anyway”. You bunch of stupid assholes have now cost landlords even more money and the right to enforce contracts while it winds back through the courts, because the Biden admin can point and say “see, you didn’t stop it before”. Dumbasses.

“Over Covid fears” is a nice touch. What if the troopers are vaccinated…oh yeah, that doesn’t do shit.  Well what if they’re maske….oh yeah, that doesn’t do shit either.  Well how about the fact that these people flooding across aren’t vaccinated either? Does that not pose a covid risk, you stupid fucking asshole judge?

Wow, these are great numbers. Oh wait, they’re supposed to make us all shit our pants and stay inside. Well, except the people at Lollapalooza or Martha’s Vineyard. They’re apparently cool.

This guy might want to lay off the sauce the next time he flies. Which is probably likely, as his next flight will be after an extradition hearing and he’ll probably be in handcuffs.

Buyer beware! Anybody dumb enough to play the casino and buy a ticket from either of these guys gets what they deserve. Also, how long until they get a bailout? Because I bet it’s coming. For American, anyway.

Here’s a hidden gem for y’all. Damn, that swings, baby. Enjoy it.

Now get out there and have a great day, dear friends!