I mean yeah, he could have walked ten feet off of Beale, but he didn’t even try.


Sloopy is in Memphis. Well, at least he was yesterday. Nobody knows his whereabouts today. We’ll look into it after the weekend. 🙂


Uh, fuck you right in the ear hole.


Open the aural orifice, daddy’s coming home.


Srsly? He was too toasted to make it to the Jungle Room? Banjos wouldn’t have approved, but there was a pretty little thing waiting down there.


My shocked face, this guy needs a rusty chainsaw in the ear hole.


Yet more auditory fornication required.


Sadly, the right shade doesn’t exist.


Um, I’m pretty sure that this guy would have been happy with ear penetration.


Have you ever been happy to be paywalled?


Sloopy didn’t even take the proper footwear with him. Just, a real disappointment.