Pt. 15

Obloid Sphere


1 day out


 Seamus, when we meet again, we’ll take a year off, see the Stars with some pretty ladies, and go fishin’, it’s been a while. We were having drinks in the stateroom before Moria left. I decided to send the Miners to our new finds and begin moving them to a stable orbit.

“Cat, I understand why we are splitting, but I don’t like it a bit, leaving you with the bloody Mercs-”

Stop right there, I trust the Conchos with everything we own, and our lives, the Gibbons family goes back 1k years longer than my own, Remember the 10 Thousand? That was them, so we are done here, go do your job, Dismissed! With that Moria took a right turn at the Dairy Queen, (an actual  ‘roid) and left for the Titania Prime area.


The Chieftain


 Two Brigades?!

“Easy there Cat, let me give you some details and options, let’s begin.” I was impressed by the opulence of his Stateroom, elegant yet subdued, and several real marble busts were located in niches throughout, very fitting for a Warrior class. A Holo appeared in the center of the room.

“We located at least 6 operational mining facilities, and what appear to be several defense bases, including railguns, and barracks for a whole lot more than they need to house miners.” The holo pinpointed the locations and it was clear they were encircling the Anomaly, it seemed like a simple problem, “See, here’s the thing, they haven’t approached it at all, as if they are waiting for something, backup? We are unsure, but for now, we set up bases here and here, and wait.” The locations were acceptable so we moved on.




 With our bases quietly established, we sent out some soft probes to get more details, this Anomaly was larger and a perfect sphere, unlike any we have seen so far, what was odd is watching the CCP launch probes directly at it, and they appear to vanish, we lose all trace when they get near the Thing. With the men in good spirits, I left for the Leopard and dinner with the Cat, we had much to discuss.

JR, what do you have for me? Cat was in a mood again, so I chose to tread lightly, “Cat, our mission profile is to eliminate the CCP threat, they are right in our faces, we could clean this up in a day, why are you holding us back?” I have never seen him in a mood like this, pacing the floor, head down, right then we got a message from Concho base, a shuttle had been attacked, 9 souls lost, now I’m pissed off.

“Well Cat, what now? Do my men stand around and wait to be blown out of the sky? Choose your answer well, my friend.

 I knew I just stirred up a hornets nest, then he asked,”how soon JR?” What? 6 hours Cat, say the word, “The word is given” With that Gunney Cole and a Tactical officer moved out, shuttles prepped, and railguns sighted, we were going Normandy on their asses, if we do it right the CCP won’t ever see us coming,with  simultaneous landings at each base, we should make quick work of them.

 CCP weren’t very clever when it came to establishing orbits, so they were very predictable, I had the railguns ready for a quick pounce, and I led the main group to our first objective, while the other ships headed to points of readiness, close, but not to close, we were ready, waiting for the signal,

To be continued