High Summer at the course

As fall begins, I celebrate a year in Michigan, and everything that comes with living here, but right now is the best time to be here, cool, dry and no bugs. The color is coming in and you can feel a change in the air.

Coming my way fast

as the weather cools, I noticed leaves falling, and shrooms returning, but his time they were different, subdued, so I got out my camera and went hunting as I played a round of disc, let’s see.

Darker and earthier


A little guy hiding from Squirrels

The further I went along, I found little mini colonies, all hiding amonst the leaves, the squirrels have eaten the nuts by now, and eating what isn’t poisonous,

Mini World

Little, Yellow, Different

These have to be poisonous to be Red right now


To scale, the disc is eight inches in diameter

Typical Basket?

What? Why?

Now things get strange, Mycopia is as old as Coral, maybe older, but life tends to repeat, this next one is amazing,



Got my Eye on you

Not an acorn


Sunset, looking West towards the Big Lake

Things change

I love my little park as you might have noticed, and as it changes again, I’ll post some more cool things,