Game 6 tonight!

The Chiefs got back to .500. Von Miller is on his way to L.A. Derrick Henry is gonna be sidelined for a while. Everton continued to suck yesterday as they dropped to 10th. The World Series is back with Game 6 tonight. The Astros are gonna try to force it to 7, but I’m not overly confident. Oh, and UCL matches are back today as well.  So some good stuff going today, but not a ton of it.  Enjoy what you can.

The first non-Vampire Romanian to make it to the site

Frontiersman and “bar-killer” Daniel Boone was born on this day.  He shares it with dessert proponent Marie Antionette, presidents James Polk and Warren G Harding, Shia leader Aga Khan III, Romanian leader Gheorge Tatarescu, HOF infielder Travis Jackson, actor Burt Lancaster, pitcher Johnny Vander Meer, Greek baseball player Al Campanis, tennis great Ken Rosewall, rocker Keith Emerson, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, outfielder Willie McGee, hockey defenseman Jason Smith, and rapper Nelly.

Right, now on to…the links!

“Undermining democracy by being part of the majority” – CNN

Well this is certainly an interesting way to spin it. Another wild be to say that the Dems don’t have a majority in the Senate and these two are voting in a bipartisan manner with a simple majority. I guess “consensus” means something different than it used it. CNN gonna CNN.

Not a good look, L.A. County. Not a good look at all. I’ve got a better idea for you: get rid of qualified immunity and then you don’t have to pay when your idiot cops and/or firefighters do something this fucking stupid.

How disgusting. Never in my 51 years on this planet have I seen a company use a currently-popular phrase to sell their product.  It’s simply unheard of! This definitely sets a dangerous precedent.

All eyes are on Virginia as Election Day is upon us. Strange that Team Blue are already complaining that 300,000 ballots are stuck at the post office. Be prepared for them to get delivered on an “as-needed” basis.

She needs to just tell them to fuck off. Let them sue her and let it go before a jury…with a big, fat “emotional distress” countersuit.

Let her teach! Let her teach! Let her teach! Attica! Attica!

Let the lady use her talents. I mean…right?

I’m sure the city isn’t worried. Eventually a court will side with the mandate (which isn’t a law), and force these people against their will to get a shot or stop getting paid. I’m curious if they’re still planning on taking the retirement benefits away from people who decide to call it quits.

Oh well. They have insurance. That’s the rallying cry, right leftists? Well, sorry you can’t get your food as easily anymore. Enjoy your fucked-up leftist utopia.

Man, this sucks for their customers. The worst part about it is how the weather affects their planes a lot more than the other airlines. It’s uncanny.

Going a bit more modern for today’s song. Hope you enjoy it, friends.

And I hope you enjoy this lovely Tuesday.