You suck.

You all disgust me. I can feel your angry emotions from here.

January friggin’ sucks, so I decided to recondition my cutting board. I added a step, and skipped a step this go around. Here we go.

I started with washing the cutting board down with Dawn, and a new sponge.

And then I sprayed it down with a 20% bleach solution, and let it sit for a few minutes.

Wipe with wet paper towels, give it another light soapy clean and another wipe down with wet paper towels. Let it dry for a couple of hours.

Your basic mineral oil.

Now that we have a pristine board, that has had plenty of time to dry and off gas whatever fumes there may be left from the bleach, it’s time to oil the board. A nice layer, and an overnight soak in. See you tomorrow.

The board soaked up every bit of oil. I could stop at this point an be very happy. I usually do. But OMWC was using a board wax the last time I was there, so I decided to give it a shot.

After a wipe down, it was time to add the Board Cream. This is the added step. It is bees wax added to mineral oil. The smell is awesome. Leather and forest. There are a number of different brands.

PSA: So you see how much cream is on the board? Yeah, that’s about 50% too much. Don’t use anywhere near that amount. I mean like, half as much. You know, 50%.


And here we are. It takes several days to do it right, but the results are worth it. I will do this twice a year. When I do this in the summer, I will add the step I skipped, which is running the palm sander over the board. This is about as pristine as a cutting board can get.

The next project is the auxiliary cutting board.


All right! Have at it Glibbies! 10 BILLION hits!