Disclaimer: In no way resembles anything to do with our actual lives

Well, supposedly it’s Sabbath, but I’m not feeling very rested, restive, or restored. But in the vein of that root, we did have the adventure of one of our staff being arrested. Being under 21, speeding, and having both alcohol and a couple pounds of weed in your car is not a wise judgment. And in a delightful flourish, she made an escape from the jail worthy of The Shawshank Redemption. She asked if she could use the bathroom, and when they let her out, she kept going.

So nothing woke, but the day to day of dealing with a couple dozen slightly over-ripe teenagers.

And some former teenagers have birthdays today including the guy who invented the cigarette coupon; William Shakespeare; the original relentless self-promoter; a real hottie; the quintessentially American filmmaker; a piece of shit who was the architect of American socialism; a physicist who was actually an interesting person (and I still have a well-thumbed copy of his quantum mechanics book); a piece of shit who is a disgrace to pieces of shit; one of SP’s heroes; the guy who made first contact with alien intelligence; the Nobelist who wasn’t a nudist; a pioneer of slow and plodding movies; and a chick who got famous for sticking a crucifix in her twat.

On that note, let’s check the wire.


Oh no, a washed up third rank comedian and the sister of someone famous are outraged!


If I see Brad Pitt, we’re fucked.


So how do I get a gig where I whine pointlessly for a thousand words, then the WaPo gives me a check?


I love the expression “oral threat.”


The newest member of the DNC speaks out.


Wait, I had his voice for my Waze app. I’m lucky to be alive.




Old Guy Music is a birthday performance by an absolutely awesome band. Nat Adderley shows what a cornet can really do, but then JJ steps in…