I finally got to go with Mrs L. to see an ultrasound of the baby… 2 weeks before he’s due. She thinks he looks like his brothers, I think they all look alike for about the first 4 weeks, with some variations in hair and skin tone. It really is amazing what they can see in that shit. Like, there’s his brain, there’s his heart. He’s gonna be another not small one. Measuring 8 lbs with about two weeks to go. I think he could get over 9. Mrs L. told me to shut the fuck up unless I wanted to learn what it feels like to have a bowling ball crammed up my ass.

I may have the causation here, but I’m just gonna throw out the theory that Kardashian pussy destroys men’s brains. Although I’m open to the reverse being true. You’d have to be damaged to stick it in that crazy.

I’m not particularly worried about this. Once you’ve taught a computer to look for variations in large organic molecules that have active sites, its gonna find a lot. I’m just glad it wasn’t four million.

It would be a good start. Quadruple it and you’ve got a chance.

Florida Man, you don’t have to make threats on boats, the implications are enough.

Some electric blues – modern variety