Chaotic, musical screaming.


GLIBS HQ in CHAOS: Screaming, madness, the well-intentioned gift of a toenail refused, WordPress being pissy about this week’s Daily Stoic. It’s almost enough to make me apply for that job opening at TOS. But enough introspection and whining, you people are here to be entertained, and entertainment shall you have.


BREAKING: Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmed, 53-47.


MEAN TWEETER: Beth Pritchard Geer thought her confirmation hearing for a cushy spot on the TVA was a cinch. Turns out she forgot about that mean tweet she made about the appearance Sen Joni Ernst who is on the committee confirming Geer’s nomination. Geer then digs herself in deeper by saying “I apologize if I offended you…” Of course, the TVA shouldn’t even exist in the first place.


ANOTHER FDR LEGACY: Army Corps of Engineers shits on SpaceX expansion plans. US Fish and Wildlife service jealous they didn’t get there first. An independent Republic of Texas would come with a turnkey space program. Just saying…


BIDEN PHONES: Biden administration confirms giving free phones to immigrants. Oh, how we will miss our beloved Strawberry.


INVASION OF THE FACT-CHECKERS: Chafed dropped this excellent non-fitness link on Sunday. I’m re-linking for folks who don’t read GlibFit. Thanks, also, to the unknown commenter who originally provided this; take a bow.


RUN AWAY: NYT makes emphasizes that Twitter use is optional for their reporters dem-ops with bylines, claiming fear of “online harrassment.” IOW, they’re afraid of being called out on their bullshit. I wonder if a certain recent sea change in the Twitter boardroom has anything to do with that.