RJ is off and enjoying himself somewhere, leaving me to fill in for movie nights.  While I don’t have quite the knowledge base to compete with some of the gems he has delivered, I hope this one lives up to his standards.

Today we bring you an under the radar cult classic from the before times of 2008, packed with stars, comic book effects, blood, repossessions, and singing.  I’m not joking about the stars, this movie has Paul Sorvino, Anthony Head, Sarah Brightman, and Paris Hilton in it.  What is this gem of a movie you ask?

I present to you, REPO: The Genetic Opera.  As a quick synopsis, in the future, a strange disease sweeps through the world, causing death by organ failure.  One company has found a way to create artificial organs.  They then create a whole brand around designer organs, and selling these organs on a payment plan.  If you fall behind in your payments, the company repossesses the organs from you.  As you can imagine, that doesn’t bode well for the person behind on payments for most organs.

This is an opera, and all dialog is sung.  There are quite a few catchy numbers throughout the movie.  Some glorious overacting, and betrayals from every side.  The writer also acts in the movie as the GraveRobber (yes, that’s the character’s name).

There were plans for sequels and prequels set in this universe, but the movie didn’t do as well theatrically as the studio would have liked.  The rights for the universe and any hopes for more stories in movies is pretty much as dead as one of the victims of a repossession.  The director and screenwriter behind this have branched out into short movies (is there a term like novella for such movies?) set in a different world called the Devil’s Carnival (which does have one sequel at this time).

I hope you enjoy one, both, or all three of the movies.