Seriously, I put the littles to bed about quarter after seven last night and was probably asleep by 7:20. I did wake up to eat a snack when the baby woke up at 1:30, and the toddler had a bad dream about fivish this morning, but he’s a sleep unicorn. Pick him up out of the crib, rock him and sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and he goes back to sleep without complaint. Anyhow, here are Sunday’s rushed morning links.

If Cannes loved this, wait until the get the film version of SugarFree’s stuff.

Florida Man, the first rule of boat safety is make sure your boat floats. Mostly posted for the picture of 3 old guys sitting on a buoy not enjoying their Saturday anymore.

Recycled gold – zero carbon. She really is dumb. I’m only going to hint at a joke about her having it made from the fillings of Holocaust victims and move on.


Made it to the end, even if I had to Rush. (Trying to link rather than embed video due to requests about it mucking up mobile.)