Elevated Baskets are popular, because they are hard, we like hard

Whiskey Hills disc golf course, an adventure to hell.


Recently I had a day off so I called my closest Disc buddie Nicko and said, “I got gas money, let’s play big” I was thinking of the Leviathan  down in Ludington when he texted “No! we are playing in Custer at Whiskey Hills.” Obviously intrigued, I looked it up on Udisc and Oh, Hell, Yes! I just had my Kia repaired and was in the mood for an hours drive so south we went in 2 cars, I flew solo that day and of course got there first, kinda like Brochetta.

Totally worth 5 bucks


World Class

The first Tee


So off we went into the hills, and discovered some odd shaped rock formations, We can’t figure out where they came from, the rocks that is.


Aliens? Indians?

Where did they get all the rocks?

I read the reviews the night before we went and they spoke of a lot of up and down, which is to say, climb a hill, throw across a valley, walk down and then up said valley and then to the basket.

Looking down

Nicko, forehand, blind shot

A nice finish

Nicko and Dan

Yusef drives a Sidewinder

Sippy rd. is full of private property, but you can still stop and see,



Summer home

and on the way home I found some more real Michigan, this part of the state is pretty cool.

And Never, Ever, forget your Tick collars on your feet or you will be sorry.

I’ll certainly miss playing here, but life goes on.