Forbidden Zone (NSFW)

This seemed like such an easy post. Review Forbidden Zone. Then, I saw the extras on a DVD were called A Look Inside The Forbidden Zone.  So what it is? Forbidden Zone? The Forbidden Zone? Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Tonio reaching for his grammar stick. Why is this so difficult? I decided to go with what was on the initial release poster – Forbidden Zone.

If you have ever seen this movie before you understand that it is designed specifically to offend any and all viewers. And it does a great job doing so from the opening seconds until the closing minutes. This was Richard Elfman’s directorial debut, designed to show off the talents of the Mystic Knights of Oingo Boingo. Think of this film as a bookend, so to speak, as this encapsulated all of the craziness which was a Mystic Knights of Oingo Boingo show.  Imagine seeing stuff like this on stage! After this, the band dropped the Mystic Knights moniker and just became Oingo Boingo. A ton of the on-stage shenanigans stopped at that point and the band took a quick turn into 1980’s pop under the guiding hand of Richard’s brother, Danny.

According to IMDB, the version we are viewing tonight is the preferred version for the producer (Richard Elfman). Honestly it has been so long since I saw this film that I cannot remember enough of it to point out any differences. I do however, remember seeing this as a black and white film. Somewhere along the way the film was restored and colorized.  Shades of Star Wars revisionism?  I hope not!

Many articles have been written about this film, and they will all do a better job than I if you want deep details about this cinematic curiosity.  Sometimes, even the articles themselves are strange and curious.

One last thing, when I said this film was a labor of love last week in the preview, I was not kidding. All but one actor in this film poured their salaries back into continuing production. That one actor was not Hervé Villechaize. He gave back his salary and also hung around helping to build and paint sets.

According to the word-o-meter, I have now talked enough about this film.  Really, no review could do it justice.  So! Get your big yellow #1 trigger fingers ready! Let the movie begin! Watch! Or Don’t! Everything is voluntary!  Next week is a psychedelic monster treat that gave every kid nightmares in the 70’s.  War of the Gargantuas.

As you watch this, let’s play the ‘could it be made’ game in the comments.  Could this be made today? Would the Elfman brothers be damned to cancel Hell if this was made in 2022? And how would the #metoo crowd react if Hervé Villechaize was alive and pinching boobs today?

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