I give you the largest whorehouse on the planet.

Okay, okay, okay. I’m writing this last night, as the hearings are going on. Guess what I have zero awareness of?

That changes nothing about the whorehouse comment. Links?


Someone needs to run on a platform of instituting Thunder Dome.


NATO is nothing but brotherly love.


Two possible responses; it’s bullshit, or I have no sympathy.


I can do without this. And the subsequent battery fire.


I mean yeah, okay. At this point, what the hell. It’s good prep for the first link.


She seems nice.


Yeaahhh, honey. We’re already there.


Okay. That’s it. Headlines are just downright annoying these days. And I try to ignore the, “Current Thing”.

I’ve posted this a couple of times, but today seems to need it. Crank it as you slam an espresso.