“Monumental” Art quilt by SP

Absolute truth: inside our wedding rings, SP and I had engraved, “Fun is good!” And that’s how we lived our lives and why we had such a great marriage. So… moping time is ended, we’re going to celebrate her life and have one fuck of a party on the afternoon of July 30 here in our lovely little town, upstairs and (weather permitting) on the deck of our fine establishment. Because this is a private event rather than business, there will be alcohol- Spud and I will contribute wine, several others are bringing exotic intoxicating liquors. Weed is legal and available for those who prefer that, assuming it’s not pouring outside.

The dreaded libertarians are going to take over that weekend, and fun it will be. If you want to come, drop me an email at omwc@glibertarians.com for the details as they develop. Despite the fact that I make no real effort to conceal my identity and a bunch of you know me anyway, I’m doing it that way rather than posting here so that searches of SP’s name or our business won’t readily doxx us.