Just a few books about cars.

Cannonball! By Brock Yates This is such a celebration of freedom and rebellion. It tells the story of the Cannonball runs from idea, to trial run, to race. And it is told by the participants as much as by Brock. Yates and company risked a lot, as the editors for the magazine Yates worked for wasn’t even a fan of the idea. It discusses the infamous Polish Race Drivers of America, which until this last year, still had a functioning web link. Their Cafe Press shop lives on like a zombie. Yates even mentions Ayn Rand in the book!

Dan Gurney – The Ultimate Racer This discusses the racing career of Dan Gurney, who accompanied Brock Yates in a Ferrari Daytona across country, and engaged in one way or another in every cannonball event. Dan is a legend in more than one racing circle, and this book talks all about him. Hard to get a paper copy, like most good limited print editions.

Hot Rods by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth:   I owned this book for years and loved it.  Big Daddy was an inspiration to some of us. His show cars were incredible displays that inspired people to do better, design better, dream bigger.  That’s a letter from him above, addressed to Darryl Starbird.*

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*Yes, sooner or later I will run out of Darryl Starbird Museum photos.  No time soon though.