A client last night just wanted to watch the US Women’s Soccer Team. I guess they were playing Columbia?  whatever, I only bring it up because this homely broad playing in the midfield kept hiking her shorts up.  Is she doing this on purpose or is it one of those subconscious reactions to maintain a certain level of comfort under stress?

if its the former she’s gotta do a lot better than that!

Ghilishane Maxwell sentenced to 20 years.  I’m totally jealous of her tits by the way, get a load of these things!

CA Attorney General doxes a bunch of gun owners.  Great idea, piss off everyone after making themuse a bullet button.

Fear of inflation driving down consumer sentiment. Not sure its fear anymore its reality.

This has to be the most UK thing since they decided to go all 6’s and 7’s and tell the dirty bloger to drive a lorry up their arse before shating upon turtles or something.

No shit, now quit losing my money cunt!

If Trump tried to choke out the SS driver, and commadeer an urban assault vehicle, why would they sit on such a kick ass story for two goddamn years?

This one is great

”I don’t want to discuss my area of expertise.  Im too saddened anout the downfall of democracy.”  What a bitch!