It is said that in the before time we traveled to the white sky disc,

men, in arrows of fire, hurtling at the sky, and they returned with great tales of discovery.

 In the before time our huts were as warm as we chose, and were kept temperate in summer.

 Before we rode in chariots of chrome and steel, in various hues and styles,

some for sport, some for utility, most for personal reasons.

 Back in the before time we had great warehouses where many types of organics could be had, fresh meat, and sugar, the flavor of the Gods.

  /Discus AT 202


 In our histories we are told of great works, monuments that reached to the sky,

great flying machines that would cross a continent in a day,ships that traversed the planet, and a way to speak to others, whether next door or on the other side of the world. What happened you might be wondering? Well here we go…..


 I was searching the archives trying to find the exact date when the end came, something I have searched for for the last 20 years, and there it was, finally,



A man named Bi Den assumed the chieftains role under severe opposition from the Ma Ga tribe, and he proceeded to tear the great land apart.


 Until that point, the land on which we stand now was considered the best place on the planet to be, we ruled the world. The oceans were safe for navigation, the skies were free, and everyone had what was called a “smartphone?” I have no idea how they worked but you could speak to anyone, anywhere, truly our ancestors were Gods, anyway.


The archives aren’t very organized though I sort as much as I can, always looking for answers, what happened? On day one Bi Den shut off the power and the tribe was thrown into darkness. On day two he closed the fueling stations.

Day four he got us into a needless war.

Day five he was begging dictators for fuel

The tribe did nothing to stop the madness the archive tells me, so the inevetible 



 Most of the tribe died in the sky fire but it’s been said we have achieved a great victory.

Put out the candle when you’re sleepy, my son.