That’s it… Another foreign movie poster. Very classy.  Even though I am traveling I got my post in on time.  That keeps STEVE SMITH at bay.

El Día de la Bestia 

“What have you done?”

“Nothing Father. I have not sinned. But I intend to do as much evil as I can.”

A priest believes that he is the one to prevent the apocalypse, by committing as many evil acts as he possibly can. He asks for signs that he is on the right path – is what he sees a coincidence, or does he receive real signs?  Regardless, he is not very good at committing evil and he requires help to achieve his mission. How fast can he sin?

As you watch this, you must decide if this priest is crazy, or if he really has been chosen to save the world. I shall not spill the beans!  Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

This is another gilded monocle art house film, brought to you by beloved Spanish director Álex de la Iglesia. He both directed and… you guessed it, wrote the screenplay (with some help.) This is an absolutely fantastic film, which shoots far above my usual standards of filth. I really hope you enjoy it.  All the old farts, put on your glasses.  This one is subtitled. Unless of course you happen to speak Spanish.

I will be rather spartan with the text tonight. I am traveling on the road, currently in New Mexico. All I can say is …. Watch! Or Don’t! Everything is voluntary! Next week, I intend to continue to class up the joint with a film classic! The Million Eyes of Sumuru.  

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