Didn’t even try

Lol, sure thing. I assume nobody else who follows world soccer believes this either. Elsewhere, Nadal has withdrawn from Wimbledon. I think it was deliberate in order for Kyrgios to be fresh against Joker in the final. He wants to be top dog and that’s his best chance.  I can’t find anything else worth talking about aside from mentioning the Baker Mayfield trade and how fun week 1 will be with Carolina playing Cleveland. So I’ll move on.

But it was the last guy who was an authoritarian. We’re on a slippery slope here because this senile dipshit keeps vilifying a coequal branch of government and keeps trying to undermine them.  Hopefully the court slaps down whatever half-baked EO is issued. And hopefully it reasserts its authority while doing so.

Seemed like a good dude

Shinzo Abe assassinated in Japan. This is sad. The dude seemed like a good guy and really hated commies.

I sure hope they’re right. What kind of dumbass looks at this crazy asshole and helps him obtain a gun?

Sad news to Japanese card game and anime fans. I never got into any of that, but I know how popular it is.

This is outstanding! Hopefully the jury agrees with the judge.

Good! I hope that prick never knows a day’s peace.

Always and forever

Thank God they left the hot dogs alone. They know the consequences of doing that.

So…more of the same failed bullshit. Why am I not surprised?

This is quality trolling. Also, aren’t masks good anymore? They’re just following the science while they exercise their 1A rights to protest, right progressives? You’re big fans of Antifa doing this, so why not these clowns?

Here’s a great montage song. Too bad they didn’t use clips from the movie in the video. Oh well, enjoy it.

Now go have a great day, dear friends.