People still have a sense of humor. I was in Florida at Universal Studios this year when I took this picture. A salesperson asked me if I wanted to buy one, and I said “Speaking as a Libertarian, this horrible act of cultural appropriation cannot stand!” I got a laugh and a free drink out of it.

Taking the newish Jeep Grand Cherokee L (Mega Jeep) to Colorado and New Mexico for family vacation. It’s been a road trip beast like the Durango (Mighty Canyonero), only it has slightly more room and comfort inside, and gets slightly less range (520 vs. 600 miles). Of all the various driving aids, the adaptive cruise control has been the nicest. It sets distance between cars and adjust speed so I don’t have to constantly fiddle with it. On the Mega Jeep’s inaugural drive from Texas to Florida,  I just left the cruise on for half the day. Much more restful. Previously I’d only have a couple of hours on the entire trip to use cruise control.

While in Colorado, I am planning on documenting my train trip on the Durango narrow gauge railway. It seems to be an old white guy rite of passage to enjoy steam engines.  Previously when in Colorado I took a narrow gauge railway ride to a closed gold mine and did gold panning. That was also fun, but only about an hour. This is five hours. Expect a Glib Car / Train crossover soon.

I am missing SP’s celebration of life due to scheduled events beyond my control. I hope everyone has a great time, and takes lots of pictures. Is anyone driving? What other road trips do you degenerates have planned this summer?  What is your favorite road trip car?