Example finished product. Even the glass is cheap, it’s a Libbey tiki glass. Details below.

Hipsters.  It’s gotten to where I look up any quick recipe for a drink and I get the designer version , with hand-crafted this and keep your bowtie out of the mixer that. Blech!  I wanted to get back to basics.  Something that tastes great and costs jack squat, like you’d get in New Orleans or Vegas. I went Tiki and made a traditional rum punch:


Then add Rose’s Grenadine to each individual glass, add enough to make some color (see picture).

That’s it bra/brotatos.  No squeezing limes, no fancy designer stuff.  Things you find cheaply at the grocery store. Cheap liquor.  Tastes great, especially during a heat wave.  If you want you can premix in the Rose’s grenadine too and make it kind of pink, and serve it in a giant iced tea dispenser.

Note 1:  Traditional rum punch has lime juice too.  I found that adds unnecessary sour to the punch.  Especially when it is really hot.

Note 2:  Libbey Tiki Glass link included.  These are basically jelly jar glasses with a tiki face on front. Dishwasher and campground approved by R.J.