It’s only money!

NFL training camps have started. Mayor Beetlejuice thinks money grows on trees. Britney Griner’s team pleads stupidity at her trial. And that’s pretty much it for sports.

OK, crybabies. I mean, how dare this person not walk in lockstep with us and then be given a platform to speak.  Christ, what a bunch of babies.

Where’s the list?

This makes sense. Of course she probably won’t survive the year.  Also, where are the names of the people involved in the trafficking? Why doesn’t the media care about that?

This is bullshit. It’s none of the government’s business until the people default.

Sure you did, buddy. This is exactly the opposite of what Christ taught you.

This certainly seems newsworthy. Strange how it wasn’t mentioned at CNN, NBC, or ABC.

::pours out chocolate syrup::

And now some sad news. They’ll be sadly missed.

“Good enough for government work” personified. I like how they’re not gonna bother fixing it for an entire week. It’s like they really don’t give a shit.

Come on, space. You can do better than that. It needs to be at least 100x bigger the next time. And headed to DC instead of Houston.

Here you go. Such a nice, relaxing song. And here’s one with a lot more going on. Enjoy them both.

And get out there and enjoy this lovely Tuesday, dear friends.