Last NIght's Sunset

Last Night’s Sunset

7.3 earthquake hits the Philippines 

Russia cuts gas flows even further

Biden isn’t doing enough to protect our poppies

Lobsang Phuntsok created a children’s village Jhamtse Gatsal, and something about this dude just kinda creeps me out, but it might be the way his bio says as a young boy he was an “uninvited guest to this universe.

The robot uprising has begun.

British woman died on a hiking trip in Italy

The mystery of the Somerton Man has been solved after 73 years.

Russia has been accused of leaving fallen soldiers bodies so they don’t have to pay death benefits to the families.

Ride for Poppy

At least this dude knows he wrote the worst song of my generation

A really, really big pink diamond

You probably saw this, but the Pope is wearing something a lot of people think he shouldn’t.

Here’s some fun facts about poppies:

  • Flowers can be as big as 6 inches across
  • The colours vary among white, lilac, pink, orange, yellow, red, violet, and blue
  • They make terrible music

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Zoomies Are Tonight


Female privilege is real

That stoic life

She's a thieving bitch

Thomas didn't get it

Books do that, yo

Definitely a sewing kit


Best meme ever

Stay fresh, cheese bags.