For some reason, this tune seemed appropriate.

TOTALLY NOT CULT BEHAVIOR: This charming person dropped the tweet pictured above. Somewhere in hell, Jerry Rubin of “Yippie, kill your parents” fame, looks on approvingly.

TAMIR RICE SHOOTER COP CAN’T GET NO PEACE: Timothy Loehmann, the former Cleveland police officer who shot and killed Tamir Rice, resigns from job with small town police department after being identified by media, protested by townspeople.

MUNCHAUSEN BY PROXY SYNDROME: Family of ’11-yo trans activist’ panhandles online so they can flee Texas.

DEAR LEADER: White House replaces Norman Rockwell paintings with photos of Biden. Apparently, the Rockwell family requested the return of the paintings. The White House has the entire inventory of the Smithsonian at their disposal, plus the cachet to get other fine art on loan, yet chose to go full DPRK.

UVALDE TIMELINE KEEPS GETTING WORSE: This article speaks for itself.

JAMES CAAN DEAD AT 82: Beloved actor dies, no cause of death given. Keith Richards still alive, against all odds.