Yeah, it was that boring.

Apparently the All Star Game was petty boring, but at least the American League won.  Looks like more big names are headed to the LIV Tour. And I’m fine with that.  I really don’t know what else to say. College Football is thankfully just 6 weeks and three days away. And that’s sports.

“New York Strong”, lol.  FTA:

The scorching heat that has already settled across much of the south-central US and prompted heat warnings and advisories across the region is now beginning to extend into the Northeast Wednesday, bringing “steamy temperatures into the 90s” and heat index values — in other words, how hot it will actually feel, based on both the air temperature and humidity — that are even higher

I’m gonna remember this the next time they talk about how tough they are. Because they’re about to get but a small taste of what we deal with for months at a time. Oh, and it’s been at least ten degrees hotter here every day for three weeks.

To hell with the legislature, when you can just act like a king. The Supreme Court just ruled on bullshit like this. Not that it matters to this (and the last several) asshole.The only silver lining is that he’s going to unveil his plans at a coal-fired power plant…in front of a bunch of workers there…during a recession. I can only imagine how well that goes over.

Yeah, no shit. And just like the myriad stories we hear about government actors failing at their job every day, this one resets at the feet of the people in place to allegedly protect us.

Nice job, Starbucks.

They’re eating their own. Remember when you decided bums shooting up in your bathrooms was a good idea, champ? Well enjoy reaping what you sowed. Also, I’m glad you’re finally seeing the light. Unfortunately its a bit late in the game.

“PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!” But not my big, juicy booty. This lady, I swear to God. She needs to fucking go away.

Gun it!

Well this is bullshit. I’m no fan of street racing, but to basically create penalties for actions before someone is convicted sounds like a rights violation to me. And that’s before we even get into the legality of cameras being used to find the license plate numbers. But at least they’re doing something, right? Nevermind the fact that violent crime is out of control there.

I’d expect this trend to continue at least for the near future. And yes, it will be mostly nationwide. Although being in a high-tax state with already inflated home prices is gonna make it worse in California.  I just hope they stop moving here at some point, because a lot of them are gonna bring their shitty ideas with them.

This is a bold play. Seriously, though, it has become harder to find kids toys since they all closed down. Sometimes you want to let the rugrats browse. And that’s been tough. I still think it will fail, but I hope I’m wrong.

This is just good, clean fun. The 80s were great. And these chicks were adorable. Here, enjoy a second one. That was a better version than the original, by the way.

Right, now go have a great day, dear friends.