My local changling

About 8 months ago one of my employees came into possession of a litter of kittens. She brought them to the cafe, and we all swooned.

Unsurprisingly, three of us (myself included) walked away with a kitten. Mine is a sweet little tuxedo boy who was fairly well behaved until l0b0t’s ginormous grumpy cat moved in.

The cat pictured above went home with one of my managers, and it was only a short matter of time before we discovered this cat is not a cat…it’s a changeling.

According to my manager, “She just doesn’t look like a cat from certain angles, it’s so bizarre. She’ll look like a little angel baby and then turns her head 2 degrees and suddenly is a cryptid.”

Are they coming to take her back?

“What is she trying to get to? What does she see? Are they coming to take her back? I also don’t know what’s around her neck, but I suspect it’s the zipper for her skinsuit.”

Oh don't you dare look at me like that

My manager is a nursing student still, and moved for the summer to go to clinical. The changeling kitty came to stay with me and Old Man for a spell. On the way home the creature howled for about 20 minutes and then for the remainder of the 2 hour trip just stared at me as if she’s trying to bore a hole through my skull.

Changeling in a backpack

If anyone’s got advice about how to handle cryptid kitties, I’m all ears.

Onto zee links…

Nessy is “plausible” but not for a really long time.

Not the answer I was hoping for.

Apparently a Bigfoot festival every year in Ohio. Unfortunately, we missed it this year, but had I known sooner, we would’ve gone. It looks so fun.

Is Moorhead, KY now home to a cryptid?

Shaving cream cryptid has a message for humanity…?

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