Run Away! Run Away!

Cute Little Buggers

What movie has man-eating rabbits, British people, and…

Stop shouting Monty Python and the Holy Grail!

…And really, really bad CGI effects?  Ha!  stumped you now, didn’t I?

It’s this thing.  Cute Little Buggers.  Give this film a chance.  The actors put their all into it, it has humorous moments, and all those British accents! I just tried to ignore the unholy bad rabbit monsters.  Seriously, they could have used hand puppets and done better.

I will say I enjoyed this romp of horny aliens trying to reproduce with human females to produce little rabbit monsters. And I hope you do too.

So Watch! Or Don’t! Everything is Voluntary! We now have Two Films left before there is a year of film posts. And I was debating between showing one of two films for the next film:

  • Deadlier than the Male: Another spy film about dangerous women, part of the Bulldog Drummond film collection.
  • Zero Theorem: Terry Gilliam movie about an equation that proves life is meaningless.

Now if nobody has an opinion (Libertarians usually have at least three opinions a piece – prove me wrong), I will just play Murdercycle, about a sentient murdering motorcycle because WHY NOT.

I have no idea how I even got to two hundred words. This has been one hell of a week.  I’m trying to catch up on work because it is my birthday on Sunday, and the wife just got out of the E.R. after a bout of pneumonia (That’s the best birthday present).  See you next week after I am one year older and none the wiser.

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