In my dreams the tiger doesn’t have a mask on…

Barbie and Kendra Save the Tiger King

Bonus Short:  Baseball Bugs

Barbie and Kendra came to the rescue and gave me an easy button this week… Several things:

  • I have played with the embedded video player available in the block editor, to no avail. I have not given up yet.  I may get it to work by removing the auto-start.  In the meanwhile, I am still typing in the classic editor, like some kind of caveman!  Bad R.J.!
  • Everything at the house broke at once.  Dishwasher, PC, air conditioner.  This happened because I remodeled the bedroom.  Unexpected issues during major projects should be an Iron Law.
  •  Instead of writing my post on time, I went to watch the Texas Rangers get obliterated by the Detroit Tigers this weeked.  Rather than lamenting this loss, I turned it into inspiration!  So I am going to start including a short with each film post now.  How long will this last?  Who knows?  Enjoy your Bugs Bunny cartoon!  I assure you the game I watched was almost exactly as portrayed in this cartoon, complete with the conga line going around the diamond.

Now on to the main movie!  Barbie and Kendra were a huge hit in Corona Zombies. They came back in tonight’s film.  In fact, they have made three films altogether, with their finale being Barbie and Kendra Storm Area 51.  Of these two films, I thought the Barbie and Kendra Save the Tiger King was a little more… tolerable.  This is another Charles Band classic, which makes him the most posted film maker since this GlibFlick thing started!

So enjoy tonight’s film, which shows us the perils of endless social isolation.  Remember, this was filmed during the great lockdown.  It follows a similar formula as Corona Zombies, in that it repurposes old film footage, has zombies, lovely girls, and now includes tigers!

So watch! Or don’t!  Everything is voluntary!  Next week is a newer film which reinforces gender stereotypes:  When Women Ruled the World.  I have only half-watched it so I hope the ending doesn’t suck.  I’ll be watching it with you this time.

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(h/t: The Hyperbole)