We really didnt know how it was out there, so we sent thousands of souls out on journeys of exploration, never to return.

Most were terminal cancer patients, otherwise of sound mind and willing to try what was then the controversial mind implant.

Remember this was 2500 years ago so what they did in 21c was barbaric by our standards yet here we are.

When we found the signal and realized its distance we were stunned, he was alive and operational?

After many attempts we realised it was in fact just a message, an artifact from thousands of years ago, sad really.

Anyway, we thought you should listen to a voice from the past.

Traveling through the star light,

Through the inky black glow,

Searching for newness,

Things I do not know,


I was inspired long ago,

To seek a newer path,

And I volunteered and became,

One with my craft,


I flew ten thousand days and then I knew,

This the end for for me,


I have seen blue stars,

And green women,

Shattered skies,

And deep Seamen,


And androids dressed in cordouroy,

Dancing with young boys,

And lousy bands who think they grand,

But just make too much noise,

 I slipped the bonds of this great earth,

And tossed my life away,

I am the ship and it is me,

Forever and a day,

Millenia and entropy will kill me sometime near,

Til then, whats next?

“Hello?? This is Cylon 3133 R Lozonne”

Anyone there?

“Hello, Cylon 3133 please respond….”