When Women Ruled the World

I can’t even find a good image for this film.

When Women Ruled the World

What the Hell is this?  I don’t really know.  Everyone in this movie is a useless moron. You’ll cheer when they die! Yay, death! You’ll see pregnant men!  Violent women!  Leftist diatribes!

Why did I pick this? Things happen after a three martini dinner. I recommend the same for anyone watching this.  I scanned it, making sure there was some amusing bits, and then chose it.  Hey, it’s been a hard few months!  It seemed like a good idea when I picked this film.  Independent film, check.  Seldom seen by anyone, check. Singular vision, check. So laugh at this train wreck and realize that if even five of us watch this, the audience over time has just doubled.

Enjoy as our protagonists (antagonizing protagonists) are sucked into an alternate timeline where angry, violent women rule the world.  This is different from now, where warmongering men rule the world.  Which is better? You’ll be able to say after watching this film.  Surely.

This film got 3 of 10 stars, s0 I figured it would be fun to read some  reviews from IMDB!  Here’s the top review:

“There are definitely anti-capitalist, pro-environmentalist, feminist tones presented in really campy ways. The movie could serve as a fun jaunt in beginner’s leftist topics. It draws on stereotypes from both sides.”

Oh wait – there was only one user review.  Thank you, intrepid reviewer. And the review is right, this is a film that tried WAY too hard to sell a point.  Case in point – about 30 minutes in the head leftist queen rants about Trump destroying the world fighting Putin.  Hilarious.  If only they knew what we know now.

This movie is the singular vision (see statement above) of writer/director Sheldon Silverstein, a man with six credits as a producer.  One film he was responsible for is The Erotic Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, which I damn well wish I had a trailer for!  I’d show that tonight!

This movie may or may not be based on an actual book, by the same title.  Probably not.  The title of this film may be inspired by the book title, at least.

So watch!  Or Don’t! Or talk amongst yourselves! Everything is voluntary! Next week is “You asked for it” week: Sharkula!  As the trailer says, “This great white is putting the bite back into terror!” After that, we are overdue for either a western or a kung fu film.  Any preference?

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(h/t: The Hyperbole)


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Hello. My name is R.J. and I am a Tulpa Supreme, with extra cheese and sour cream.


  1. Count Potato

    *hits play*

  2. Count Potato

    “After that, we are overdue for either a western or a kung fu film. Any preference?”

    Does it have to be kung fu, or is Korean or Japanese chop socky OK?

    • R.J.

      Any chop – socky, any western that can be shared across multiple regions easily.

      • Gustave Lytton

        Sister Street Fighter!

        • Zwak. who's suit is as ragged as his nerves.

          A review of Tears:
          Imagine John Ford (The Searchers), Jean-Luc Godard (Weekend), and John Waters (Pink Flamingos) collaborating on an insane 1950s melodrama, drenched in succulent Technicolor–rose-petal reds, turquoise blues, saffron yellows, and Pepto-Bismol pinks–and you’re just barely encompassing the cinematic delirium of Tears of the Black Tiger. This fever dream of a movie features rival gunslingers, a poor farmboy and the daughter of a wealthy landowner, a murdered father, bloody revenge, a forced marriage, and a half-dozen other cliches stitched into a preposterous yet weirdly engaging story. But the story isn’t the point; director Wisit Sasanatieng takes every opportunity to dive into a different style or device, ranging from delicate shots of a lovely girl in a mint-green gazebo to spewing gore and full-on battle with machine guns and grenade-launchers. The sets are often blatantly theatrical, the lighting exaggerated, and the acting ranges from wooden to maniacal. In short, this Thai movie is like nothing you’ve ever seen, born of a deep moviemania and unbridled chutzpah, and you owe it to yourself to watch it. –Bret Fetzer

        • LCDR_Fish

          Seriously? I’ve been raving about Tears of the Black Tiger for decades!


          You want westerns – see also “Sukiyaki Western Django” with a cameo by Tarantino, “The Good The Bad and the Weird” and others.

      • Count Potato

        Hentai Kamen

        • Shiny Nerfherder


          +1 Golden Power Bomb

        • straffinrun

          Kamen Ride Her?

  3. The Hyperbole

    Either/or surely there is a kung fu western you could show.

    • R.J.

      Absolutely there are.

      • Count Potato

        Kung Fu was a TV western.

  4. DEG

    “There are definitely anti-capitalist, pro-environmentalist, feminist tones presented in really campy ways. The movie could serve as a fun jaunt in beginner’s leftist topics. It draws on stereotypes from both sides.”

    Oh wait – there was only one user review. Thank you, intrepid reviewer. And the review is right, this is a film that tried WAY too hard to sell a point. Case in point – about 30 minutes in the head leftist queen rants about Trump destroying the world fighting Putin. Hilarious. If only they knew what we know now.

    I could go to Boston Swing dances for this.

    Sorry RJ. I’ll pass on this one.

    • R.J.


  5. R.J.

    As a side note, in 2016 around the time this came out it was paraded around by conservative news as another example of the lefties’ besmirching of conservatives. Very true. But this movie is so bad that nobody watched it, not even Trump haters. I had a couple articles lined up to reference but I lost them in a tragic boating accident.

  6. The Bearded Hobbit

    My wife’s cousin is/was an aspiring filmmaker. He made a film at her parents house that I saw once, a long time ago. I would have been perfect for Glibflicks except 1) it was a short (about 20 mins) and b) I cannot find a single reference to it anywhere. He (or at least a guy with his name and similar background) has an entry in IMDB but that movie isn’t listed.

    • R.J.

      I still want to do a post of just shorts, so let me know what f you get a title or link.

      • rhywun

        An ex-buddy has a library of shorts (I’m in one of them) that are comedy gold. Some of it might be inside jokes but the humor in the hijinx of a bunch of drunken twenty-something Americans of all kinds of backgrounds is pretty universal.

      • MikeS

        There’s a Glib who knows some people that may have done some shorts. CRaMP or something like that.

    • Shiny Nerfherder

      Snuff films usually get taken down pretty quickly

      • The Bearded Hobbit

        It’s been so long that I cannot recall the details. The only scene that I remember was a picture from below looking up at my father-in-law as he turned away in disgust saying, “Oh, my God. . .”

        Could have been snuff but I think that the cousin is a whole lot better than that.

  7. Mojeaux

    I’m watching football with my husband. That’s about all the stupid fun I can take on this shitshow of a day.

    • The Bearded Hobbit

      I put the game on with the sound off. Occasionally I’ll look at the teevee and see the score, sometimes catching a good play (or the replay).

    • rhywun

      Bills?? I forgot.

      But I am confused. 506 Sports says it’s on NBC but it is not on NBC.

      • rhywun

        Ugh, I’m an ass. 20 years later and sometimes I still forget that NBC is 4 here, not 2.

      • dbleagle

        I am watching it on NBC. 10-10 going into the half.

      • Mojeaux

        Can you be less good, because, you know, you’re in our division.

        • rhywun


    • rhywun

      STFU and play more Ozzy!

  8. Count Potato

    And we interrupt this movie for a ham-handed lecture about climate change.

    • Zwak. who's suit is as ragged as his nerves.

      It’s like Son Hunter or Don’t Look Up. Political movies, and songs for that matter, only work if you put the politics front and center, which means you have to move the silly things like acting, storyline, and whatnot, off to the side. And this is why the suck so much and are completely laughable six minutes later.

      • Ted S.

        Political movies can work. Look at all the Warner Bros. social commentary movies movies of the 1930s. Granted, they’re not party-political the way the movies of today are, but they still have a decided viewpoint and hold up surprisingly well close to 90 years on.

        • Zwak. who's suit is as ragged as his nerves.

          Yeah, like Leni R’s movies!

      • straffinrun

        That’s why I liked Get Out. It looked liked it was going to make some tired point about racism and then *boom* it was actually about classism instead.

      • Q Continuum

        Political movies, ie: movies with a principled philosophical message, if done well can be utterly genius. Partisan movies, ie: Soviet-style propaganda, current woke bullshit, et. al. are the death of art because of the exact reason you describe. Any artistic merit has to be subordinate to THE MESSAGE and thus destroy and value they might have.

      • R.J.

        I am still amazed this was even released. Maybe it was self-financed?

    • R.J.

      You made it to the lecture! I had many bourbons by that point.

  9. Count Potato

    I’m going to need another bacardi…

    • R.J.

      Just bring the bottle.

    • R.J.

      I have found that Bacardi’s dark rum is a great mixer with Cole, more so than their light rum.

      • R.J.

        Coke? Coleslaw? Fuck it. Typing is optional tonight.

      • Sensei

        Agreed. Also ran out of Coke and used Dr Pepper. Now prefer it to Coke with rum.

        • Mojeaux

          Dr Pepper == liquid carbonated bbq sauce

          • R.J.

            Yep. There is even a Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce that draws on the great tradition of using colas to flavor BBQ.

            • Gustave Lytton

              I would like to learn more.

            • Mojeaux

              IOW, Dr Pepper is disgusting and while I love bbq sauce, I don’t want to drink it, much less with bubbles.

              • Gender Traitor

                You just don’t like Dr. Pepper because it’s TEXAS bbq and not KC bbq! 😉

                I grew up not drinking ANY soft drinks (in a family full of Pepsi drinkers) because I didn’t like the sensation of carbonation. Once I got to college, I took a liking to Mello Yello/Mountain Dew, especially for pulling all-nighters, then 7Up/Sprite when I didn’t want the caffeine. Finally I discovered the joys of Dr. Pepper, and THAT is my soft drink of choice (assuming ginger ale isn’t available.) I still don’t like colas.

              • rhywun

                Not a cola fan either. Can’t remember the last time I drank one.

                I like fruits.

              • MikeS

                I like fruits.


              • Mojeaux

                My family is full of Dr Pepper addicts. I never liked it. I was in single digits the last time I had it, and I can STILL taste that shit.

                I like fruity tastes too, which is why I like Mt Dew, Sprite, strawberry Shasta, NuGrape, and orange Fanta. I also like root beer and cream soda.

                BUT I am not a real fan of carbonation so I can take it or leave it. Also, drinking my calories makes me balloon immediately, so I don’t.

              • rhywun


              • Gender Traitor

                I also like root beer and cream soda.

                Brown or red cream soda? I grew up on red cream soda homemade popsicles. BEST POPSICLES IN THE WORLD!!! I don’t think I ever encountered brown (actually beige?) cream soda until I was an adult traveling on the East coast.

              • Mojeaux

                It’s about the color of ginger ale. I never got the point of red cream soda.

                When I was young, there was a soda fountain we occasionally went to and my dad would order a vanilla phosphate. Took me years to realize it was just cream soda.

            • DrOtto

              A local BBQ joint serves “Buford T’s Diablo Sandwhich” which has a Dr. Pepper based BBQ sauce. I ordered as one should “make it fast – I’m in a got-damned hurry” and the kid looked at me funny. The pitmaster laughed and said, “he doesn’t get the reference, I’ll explain it to him.”

            • straffinrun

              I prefer Fanta before it went woke.

          • UnCivilServant

            But Dr Pepper tastes nothing like BBQ sauce.

            • Mojeaux

              It does, but alternatively, prune juice.

              Mt Dew has orange juice in it.

              • UnCivilServant

                Of course Mt Dew has orange juice in it, it’s ingredient #2 behind carbonated water.

      • Gustave Lytton

        I drank a few too many in my younger days (not as many as Rumandcokeski, though) and lost the taste for it. Now I’m clueless as rum world has apparently exploded, but the flavored chick flavors still don’t appeal to me. Sentimental for Pussers.

        • rhywun


          Rum makes me nauseous now.

        • Count Potato


          • Gustave Lytton

            Guy with a Polish last name who abused his liberty while drunk. His new nickname has always stuck in my mind in reference to the drink.

      • Count Potato

        “I have found that Bacardi’s dark rum is a great mixer with Cole, more so than their light rum.”

        So you are saying you are more of a sorority girl than you are a Cuban?

  10. straffinrun

    Saint Patrick’s Day came early this year.

  11. The Late P Brooks

    Yeah, nope.

    Max Headroom it is.

    Amanda Pays. Hubba hubba.

    • rhywun

      I ❤️ that series.

  12. The Late P Brooks

    I still want to do a post of just shorts, so let me know what f you get a title or link.

    The Terror of Tinytown

    • R.J.

      I can play that with Brutal Relax

  13. R.J.

    For any video game emulation enthusiasts, I have been setting up a Miyoo Mini with all the games systems available in the updated Onion OS. It so far has gone much smoother than I anticipated. Normally setting up a Linux based device (with a totally rando chip) to emulate tales years off one’s life.

    • R.J.

      Takes. AAAAH!

      • The Hyperbole

        Maybe cut back on the alcohol?

        • R.J.

          I hadn’t had any tonight. I did have a martini after that last typo. It’s just overwork, and typing on this tiny phone.

        • MikeS

          *wipes eyes*

          *re-reads commenters handle*

          *heartily guffaws*


    • rhywun

      I was wondering the other day if there are any Nintendo emulators out there. I really wanna relive some of the golden oldies but I don’t wanna haul the console out of storage.

      I know they are fiercely protective of their brand (shit, I’ve paid for Super Nintendo World how many times now?).

      • Lackadaisical

        Are you serious?

        They’re crazy easy to find online and so are huge libraries of almost every d game ever made. You can dl it to any windows computer, some I’m not sure, but probably.

  14. Don escaped Texas

    How It Started
    most over-rated
    #14 MichSt
    #25 Houston
    #17 Pitt
    #23 Wake Forest
    #21 BYU
    #18 NC State
    #15 Miami
    under-rated: #19 Wisconsin

    Pitt loses by 1
    BYU loses by 5
    Houston loses by 1

  15. Don escaped Texas

    ARTHUR: I am your king!

    WOMAN: Well, I didn’t vote for you.

    ARTHUR: You don’t vote for kings.

    WOMAN: Well, how did you become King, then?

    • Dr. Fronkensteen

      : The Lady of the Lake– her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite,
      held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water, signifying by
      divine providence that I, Arthur, was to carry Excalibur. THAT is why
      I am your king!

    • pistoffnick

      Look, watery tarts distributin’ swords is no basis for a system of government…

      Taken to it’s logical conclusion…there is no basis for government.

      /but that’s just my opinion *sips tea, pinkie extended vodka*

      • rhywun

        *sips tea, pinkie extended vodka*

        Vodka Sparkling Ice FTW

        • MikeS

          Putin stooge ☝🏻

          • rhywun


  16. Count Potato

    I wish time travel was real so I could kill whoever was going to make this movie.

    • Chafed


    • DEG

      Just don’t kill Hitler.

  17. DrOtto

    So, anything interesting happen in Memphis yesterday?

    • Don escaped Texas

      since a good guy with a gun didn’t get to him first, I’ll be paying dude’s room and board ad infinitum

  18. Count Potato

    Well, anyway, thanks RJ 🙂

  19. Brochettaward

    My Firsting sense is quivering.

    • MikeS

      So…you’re happy to see me?

      • Brochettaward

        Why would my Firsting sense go off because of you?

        • MikeS

          Why wouldn’t it?

          • Brochettaward

            Most days, I don’t even think you are fit to be a seconder slave in the First Realm, let alone to create a First.

    • The Hyperbole

      You might wan to have a doctor look at that, Could be a tumor.

  20. straffinrun

    A bird in the park is doing a fantastic impression of that beginning part of Ozzy’s Crazy Train.

    • MikeS

      Got me thinking about Ozzy and his mom/wife/manager announcing they were moving back to England because America won’t ban guns that cause school shootings. Maybe he should re-read his own lyrics:

      I’ve listened to preachers, I’ve listened to fools
      I’ve watched all the dropouts who make their own rules
      One person conditioned to rule and control
      The media sells it and you live the role

      • straffinrun

        Fuck your rules, man!

        *Makes a ton of money of that message*

        Actually, let’s not be too hasty.

      • Chafed

        Jesus, that’s the reason for their move?!? I’ll just assume it’s the brain damage talking.

      • Stinky Wizzleteats

        Ozzie himself has Parkinsonian dementia and likely knows not what he does. Don’t hold this against him too harshly.

  21. straffinrun


    • Brochettaward

      I wouldn’t even trust you to hold the First cock while I pissed and handling cocks is just about the only thing you’re good at.

      • straffinrun

        You’d really be punishing me by not letting me do that.

  22. Brochettaward

    None of you will First. Something is wrong with my Firsting Sense. I must go to consort with The Great Firster for an answer.

  23. Festus

    Everyone will be sleeping now but fair tidings! My benefit claim has at last been approved. Three months and a bit but finally! https://youtu.be/zDdQhsjNHcw

    • Ownbestenemy

      Good news?

      • Festus

        Indeed! Thousands of Lupins! We won’t go hungry for a few more months.

        • Festus

          The payroll clerk went on maternity leave. She didn’t forward my info. Three months living on savings and bonus pay. Winter is coming.

          • Festus

            Normally I wouldn’t give a shit but seeing as I’m using a cane now it is sort of a big deal.

          • Chafed

            Congratulations Festus. I hope the Great Maple Leaf gives those 3 missing months too.

            • Festus

              That’s where the Lupins came from. It was an Herculean task. I never want to be under anyone’s thumb again if I can help it. Fucking nightmare, it was.

              • Zwak. who's suit is as ragged as his nerves.

                Go Festus! Go Festus!

        • rhywun


    • l0b0t

      That’s fantastic news! I hope you and Judi are doing well. I’m off to make peanut noodles; we serve them every Friday at the café and they sell out by lunchtime.

    • DEG


    • Gender Traitor

      O Frabjous Day! 😃

    • Grosspatzer

      Woot! And I love that tune, a staple at the churches I once frequented.

    • Stinky Wizzleteats

      Good to hear Festus. Was wondering how you were doing.

  24. Sean

    Mornin Glibs.

    • Rat on a train

      Morning. I think I will do a short day today.

      • Sean


    • Grosspatzer

      Philly is a gun-free zone.

    • Grumbletarian

      However, in a city with a surging rate of violent crime, a police source admitted that the department has “bigger fish to fry.”

      You know, like the people who eventually defend their lives and property with violence.

  25. DEG


    Kinda chilly here in southern NH.

    Gym time.

  26. Lackadaisical

    Bills number one!!!!


    • Rat on a train

      There’s a tie for second place.

  27. UnCivilServant

    Morning, Glibs.

    I guess it’s time to load my crap into the car. Gotta make sure I don’t forget anything important.

    • Grosspatzer

      “Gotta make sure I don’t forget anything important.”

      That trick never works. Besides, a proper road trip requires a stop at Walmart to acquire those important things.

    • Not Adahn

      I used the checklist in the Boy Scout Handbook for many years.

      • UnCivilServant

        I have never been a boy scout.

        The last two items on my todo list are:

        Verify if Grand Rapids is ‘safe’ to visit on Saturday the 24th
        Decide if I’m bringing my work phone with me

      • Gender Traitor

        I was a Blue Bird, then a Camp Fire Girl, the now-coed-and-all-but-obsolete-no-councils-within-fifty-miles-of-my-address “also ran” of girls’/youth organizations. 😒

  28. Grosspatzer

    Mornin’, reprobates!

    • Gender Traitor

      Good morning, ‘patzie, U, RoaT, Lack, DEG, Sean, l0b1e, and rhy (maybe? Can’t tell if you are/were up already or still up!) Another putter day of errands and chores, but then off to scenic Brookville, IN for the evening to hear some good friends – former Hoosiers, now denizens of MI’s UP – play a gig! 🎶🎸🎙

      • Grosspatzer

        “scenic Brookville, IN”.

        Umm, okay. But the sounds will be glorious. Enjoy!

        • Gender Traitor

          Ackshually, the site of a rather attractive state park in the Whitewater River Valley of Not Flat Southern Indiana. Just mind the blue-green algae and the black vultures. 😉

          • Not Adahn

            Driving home from ME there was a sign in MA saying “You are at [some number <1500] feet. This is the highest point on I-90 East of South Dakota."

            • Gender Traitor

              Another milestone to check off your list!

              Going north from Dayton on I-75, there’s a helpful sign informing you when you’ve crossed from the Ohio River watershed into the Lake Erie watershed…just in case you keep track of where it’s going when you flush, I guess.

              • Shpip

                You see those all over the Carolinas, too. “Now entering the (Cape Fear / Catawba / Pee Dee) Watershed.” I never have figured out why.

              • Gender Traitor

                In the case of the Pee Dee Watershed, perhaps left unsaid is, “Don’t drink the water!!”

      • rhywun

        In and out of consciousness.


  29. Grosspatzer

    Why I hate Windows, chapter 27548.


    Last week I decided to boot my dual boot laptop into Windows t research an issue with my Bluetooth headphones, which are not recognized on Linux (on that rig, they work just fine on the desktop). Turns out they are not recognized on Windows either, Intel did a lousy job with that wireless/Bluetooth device (8265 if you’re keeping score).

    So now I boot back into Linux. What’s this, network is not working? Let’s check with DDG…


    “This is because I was dual booting with Windows. Windows defaults to using “fast start” which hogs the wireless card to itself when shutdown. Turning it off fixed the problem.”

    Fuck Windows.


    • Rat on a train

      They’ll fix that as soon as they support UTC hardware clocks.