All the digging, analyzing, and addressing the past is done. Goggins now moves on to improving our performance.

Goggins’ seventh challenge, summarized, (from his book) is this:

Challenge #7The main objective here is to remove the governor from your brain. Your job is to push past your normal stopping point.

Whether you are running on a treadmill or doing a set of push-ups, get to the point where you are so tired and in pain that your mind is begging you to stop. Then push just 5 or 10 percent further. If the most push-ups you have ever done is one hundred in a workout, do 105 or 110. If you normally run thirty miles each week, run 10 percent more next week.

There is so much pain and suffering involved in physical challenges that it’s the best training to take command of your inner dialogue, and the newfound mental strength and confidence you gain by continuing to push yourself physically will carry over to other aspects in your life. You will realize that if you were underperforming in your physical challenges, there is a good chance you’re underperforming at school and work too.

The bottom line is life is one big mind game. The only person you are playing against is yourself. Stick with this process and soon what you thought was impossible will be something you do every day of your life.


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The once golden state of California is increasingly getting under my skin. It’s more than the typical idiocy. It is the arrogance of telling other people how to live their lives.

My supermajority Team Blue legislature passed, and my governor with presidential aspirations signed, Senate Bill 107: Gender Affirming Health Care. As per usual, the law’s title is a misnomer. This law is focused on minors. Funny how that important feature does not appear in the title. But that isn’t what is enraging me.

I am a process-oriented guy. I believe systems largely determine outcomes. Human systems require reciprocity. Without it, trust and cooperation quickly evaporate.

This monstrosity thumbs its nose at the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the Constitution by creating notable exceptions to existing state law. First, the law prohibits a health care provider from responding to a subpoena related to a child receiving “gender-affirming health care.” Second, it prohibits law enforcement from participating in the arrest or extradition of a person based on an out of state warrant based on the other state’s criminal prohibition of gender affirming health care. Third, it prohibits the enforcement of child custody orders issued by other states that are based on a child being removed from a parent who wanted the child to receive gender affirming healthcare.

The idiots in Sacramento really cannot imagine how this would backfire if other states created exceptions in their existing laws. It’s not hard to imagine Texas prohibiting the extradition of a parent accused of violating a child custody order if the violation is based on denying the child gender affirming care. It is not hard to imagine Florida refusing to enforce an existing child custody order and granting a new custody proceeding when a parent has fled California with their child because the other parent wanted to provide gender affirming care. Not only will these things happen, they will also be used as a cover for other behavior that otherwise would have been revealed in the home state’s courtroom. The obvious breakdown in order has eluded the morons populating Sacramento.

I sort of hope Biden does not run for reelection and Newsom is nominated. This law will be more than an albatross around his neck. It will be a noose.


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