It’s Super Bowl weekend. Enjoy it. Now let’s get to…the links!

Good Lord, this man has no idea what’s going on. Even a Mexican sitting in his capital of Cairo could see that.

Wow, you mean active deterrence works? Who could have seen that coming?

What response did you expect? His wife whored herself out to Harvey Weinstein…twice. So of course he doesn’t care.

Oh this is just great. Now we gotta send some teenage dork in there to get bit by a spider so he can fight them off.

The shirt is a lie.

Oh, now you take it seriously? You dumbasses sat on the sidelines for years. You don’t get to jump on the bandwagon now.

I assume this will be painted as ageist and politically motivated. Unlike the brave Dems who did the same thing 4-5 years ago.

So are they just letting him go? If so, hide your gibbons.

I’ve got 1-2-3-4-5 reasons to love this song. It’s such a good one. As is this. Enjoy them both.

And enjoy this lovely Friday and weekend, dear friends!