RIP, Mojo Nixon. Obligatory tune. (NSFW, of course)

BREAKING – BIDEN GETS A PASS ON MISHANDLING CLASSIFIED DOCS: You’ve probably already heard this, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention it.



ON-ORBIT REFUELING TECHNOLOGY GETS BOOST: US Space Force selects Northrop Grumman’s Passive Refueling Module (PRM) as a favored interface to enable future in-space refueling of military satellites. The PRM has a docking mechanism to allow a refueling vehicle in orbit to transfer propellant to another satellite to extend its useful life. The tankers will have the capacity to carry one metric ton (tonne) of hydrazine fuel.

MOTH – PORCH LIGHT PHENOMENON FINALLY EXPLAINED:  “The insects are not actually drawn to the glow like “moths to a flame,” as the old saying suggests, but rather trapped in a disorienting orbit around the artificial light, scientists reported…” CNN of course uses this as a springboard to lecture about light pollution.

HAWAII WANTS TO ENACT RIGHT-THINK LAW: Just so you’re CLEAR on that. Fortunately, there are no penalties (yet) for not having the “Aloha Spirit.” Here, have some mind bleach.



‘DEATH STAR’ MOON MAY HARBOR HIDDEN OCEAN: “[D]ata from NASA’s Cassini probe reveals that the point in Mimas’ orbit where it comes closest to Saturn changed slightly over 13 years, researchers report February 7 in Nature. Because Mimas’ internal composition affects the gravitational dance between the moon and its planet, these orbital dynamics, along with some previously seen moon wobbles, point to a liquid interior, astronomer Valéry Lainey of the Paris Observatory and colleagues say[…] The new calculations suggest that Mimas has an ice shell roughly 20 to 30 kilometers thick, followed by a 70-kilometer-deep ocean and a solid rocky core.”

THE DEATH KNELL OF THE TROUBLED MARS SAMPLE RETURN PROGRAM: NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory announces cuts, layoffs. I have long been skeptical about the MSRP, especially as the delays and changes mounted. The space press has begun running editorials touting alternatives to MSRP – either more, better robots, or accelerating human exploration of Mars.

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