The 2020 premiere of Saturday Morning Links comes at a momentous time. The NFL playoffs are beginning, SP and I are preparing for several waves of visitors and a landmark anniversary, this site is about to turn 3 years old, and the final push for the national elections is commencing. We live in a contested state, so we’re resigned to being continually wheedled to choose between two candidates we despise for congress, senate, and the presidency. And we resolved to continue our unbroken record of avoiding the census. It’s going to be quite a year!

Speaking of which, there are birthdays, including a guy whose work was both derivative and integral; Harlan Ellison’s spirit animal; a guy who redefined the phrase “slimy politician”; a guy who proved that you don’t have to be sane to win a physics Nobel; and a guy who proved that pretentious and boring are not bars to success.

On to news.


Dumber Boomers freaking about their grandkids. To my cohort: this ain’t Nam, wars don’t work that way anymore.


Think that was dumb? Hold mah beer.


But we do seem to be getting in deeper. Why the fuck are we over there, again?


Paris in the spring.


Oh you wacky goyim!


(((Whataboutism))) proggie style.


“See, the alarming number looks like bullshit that we made up, but in reality… it was carefully extracted from our asses.”


Nothing stopping you from voluntarily handing it to our wise and benevolent government, Billy. Until then, shut the fuck up.


Pussy troubles. 


Why, yes. Yes I would.


Old Guy Music today is another entry in the category of “if more country music was like this, I’d listen to more country music.”