I love utilities. Love love FLOVE me some utilities. I have utilities for every single damned thing I ever did and do, and some are already built into Windows. I even have a utility to make whatever latest Windows OS look like XP. Yes, really. You will find that some of these are quite primitive and/or aren’t developed anymore. I. Do. Not. Care. They do what I want and when what I want to do is something I can’t do, I go looking for more utilities. No, I don’t want one program with all the bells and whistles. I want one program that does one task well.

Writhe in misery, fools!

A list (not even close to exhaustive):

There are also programs that are either pay-as-you-can, subscription, or that I’ve paid a pretty penny for and that have paid for themselves many times over, mostly related to my work:

And lastly there’s Pinterest, where, as I have said before, girls collect pretty pictures and crafts we will never do* and guys collect prepper ideas and “fuck yeah, ‘Murka” memes. It has monetized America’s hoarding  proclivities. There is a utility to help organize and back up all that business, but it uses SeaMonkey and SeaMonkey is hot garbage.

Pssst. Dirty little secret: Buying, collecting, and reorganizing one’s craft supplies IS the hobby.

Everything always comes back to Nikki Sixx.

Scared money never wins.