Greetings all, I hope everyone had a nice holiday. My thanks to Spud for covering for me when I got Florida Man wasted and forgot to do my links yesterday. Kidding, I got caught up in barbecue and actually talking to adults I’m not related to at my house. It was pretty magical. Saddest part was that towards the end of the evening my oldest says to his friend who had come over to swim, “I’m so glad you came over. I haven’t had anyone to play with in so long.” I mean, I totally get that brothers don’t count. We’re getting back into the summer swing.

I can totally see my sons doing this, so we had a little talk about Spiderman not being real.

Trying to decide whether to drive over to Merritt Island tomorrow or not. Of course, the weather is being a dick.

I’ll bet this guy was interesting as hell.

I think electric trucks that basically have shocks, brakes, tires, and 4 motors DO have some maintenance advantages for fleet users, but come on man. $52k/truck? That’s a LOT of fucking gas and oil for a fleet buyer compared to probably $30k for the average work truck.

Virgin misses first shot at space. Early anomalies happen to everyone, right?